I really like bright red lipstick, but I am always scared it will partly wear of and I am going to look weird in public any advice? from crowlovescore

I always bring a small compact mirror, but my trick is to use a little brush to apply a first thin layer and then go over with the stick and blot with a tissue. Should be good to go for a couple of hours then (especially if it’s matte) and you can touch up the inside bits throughout the day, which isn’t too difficult! . You can also use a lip pencil underneath and colour in most of your lips. 

I can recommend MAC’s Lady Danger (for a bright orange) and the Topshop lipstick in Hazard (for a vintage-y matte red).

(If you’re with a friend, let them know they’re on lipstick duty, so you know they’ll warn you if things start to look funky!)

- Sanne